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Is car hire excess insurance worthwhile?

5 Apr

When you’re hiring a car in the UK, Ireland, Europe, New Zealand, Australia or America, investing in car hire insurance is essential. At the time of hiring a car the rental agreement usually includes insurance cover for damage and theft but the customer is still liable for the excess. This means that in the event of theft or damage to the rental vehicle, you must pay the first portion of the cost, i.e. the Excess, to the car rental company. The excess charge can be anything from €100 up to €2,000 that depends on the country and the car rental company.

Car Hire Insurance

When people hire a car for a trip, they can face any mishaps, accidents or emergencies at any time. The only real solution to this problem is car hire insurance. Common covers offered by car hire excess insurance companies include full cover for any excess you are forced to pay, cover for tyres, keys, windscreen, undercarriage, fire and theft.

Be sure to discuss any doubts regarding the policy with the insurance provider and verify what’s covered before you purchase an car hire insurance plan. You are the only one who can decide what’s best for your financial situation and peace of mind.

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