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Basic Information about Car Hire Excess

19 Mar

When planning a holiday trip abroad it is a popular choice to hire a vehicle in the country you are traveling to so that you have more freedom to explore. Hiring a car allows you to enjoy your vacations at your own pace. You can pick up the rental vehicle at the airport when you land and drop it off again before you depart so it a convenient and attractive option.

Car Hire Excess

The hired vehicle will include insurance but an excess will apply. The excess, the deductible, is the amount you are liable for which means in the event of a collision, theft or damage you will have to pay the first portion of the cost. You have the option of covering this excess by opting for a car hire excess insurance.

Generally car hire excess policies cover adults between the ages of 21 to 84 years old. A car Hire excess insurance can also cover additional covers such as baggage, windscreen, tires, wheels, windscreen, undercarriage and keys.

Different packages are available such as an annual policy covering multiple rentals   or single rental cover. If you are a regular traveler abroad either for leisure or work and hire a car on each trip then it may be worth taking out an annual policy. These policies work on pay and reclaim basis, you pay the excess to the car hire company initially and then the company will reimburse any amount paid by you.

You can also check extra benefits that you may be entitled to under your car hire excess policy. For example, you can add additional drivers to the policy free of charge. So, choose the most suitable policy for you and have a hassle free driving experience.


Buy a Car Hire Excess policy for your road trip

20 Feb

Nowadays many people lease or rent a car when they are abroad on a business trip or on a holiday. When you hire a car you should always think about the insurance and the excess involved before you sign the rental agreement.

Car Hire Excess

In the event of an accident or damage to the hired vehicle, you will be required to pay a certain excess i.e. the first amount of a claim. The excess amounts can be expensive on a hired vehicle so the car rental company advice you take Car Hire Excess Policy to cover the excess amount.

Car Hire Excess policies are available for weekly, monthly and long term hire. In addition to the excess, a car hire excess policy can also cover many additional covers such as fire, theft and can also offer cover for vandalism and keys, windscreen, tyres and undercarriage.

This insurance does not have to be expensive so compare policies online and choose a policy that suits your requirements and is competitively prices. The excess amount varies from company to company so be sure to check the amounts with the rental company before deciding on a car hire excess policy.

As we know that driving vehicle in other country is very risky and accidents might occur. So it’s better to not to waste time and go for Car Hire Excess insurance.

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